> Yahbilah Hannah Yah: A WARNING to Internet Slanderers

Monday, November 25, 2019

A WARNING to Internet Slanderers

Internet slander, trolling, and bullying is an out-of-control indulgence shared by many. What is shocking is that the perpetrators enjoy the thrill of committing this evil against others.

The number of Internet-related brawls, divorces, suicides, and murders is unbelievable. But it is a wicked reality. Many individuals use the anonymity of the web to carry out their wicked deeds.
Darkness loves darkness. They hide behind the shadows of cowardice and treachery. The fact that no one knows who they are compels them to boldly carry out their vile wretched deeds.

Many of the online slanderous attacks are committed against YAH's chosen, the vessels through whom He awakens the true Israelites and calls them to REPENTANCE.

Heed this warning. YAHUAH is merciful. He always warns of His intentions before He brings judgment, to allow a grace period for REPENTANCE.

The guilty are urged to REPENT right away. Who knows how long the grace period is? It could be moments after you hear this message.

May YAH be glorified and lifted up to His rightful place of worship and adoration.

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