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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Murmurers and Complainers

Many times we randomly say things that are not pleasing to YAHUAH's ears. It's not that He's an Elohim who stands by and waits for us to make an error. No. Quite the contrary.

We have fallen so low and far away from our original state of holiness that we literally have to be taught how to be our true selves.

With a word ("BE") YAHUAH created all that we see. Thus demonstrating the power of words. 

Therefore, when we say things that do not represent life, purity, beauty, magnificence and the like, we are creating the opposite, which is death, corruption, ugliness, and mediocrity.

The same applies to statements that complain about what YAH is doing with His OWN creation. 

For instance, would you appreciate someone complaining about when and how you choose to mop your floors or polish your furniture? Whether you use Mr. Clean on your floors and Pledge on your furniture?

Same difference

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