> Yahbilah Hannah Yah: Daughter of Zion, Come Back to AHAYAH!

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Daughter of Zion, Come Back to AHAYAH!

A call has gone forth. The alarm is sounding. Everywhere it's saying, "Come Back to YAH".

Daughter of Zion, do you hear it? Then why are you carrying on without heeding the call? Do you think it to be a false alarm? It is not. Do you think it is not sounding for you? Well, it is.
Come out of foolishness. Come out of the night clubs. Come out of bars and strip clubs. Come out of drunken parties. Come away from gossiping. Come out of your adulterous affair. Preserve yourself from the diseases of fornication.

Leave your wonderfully made body alone!

Why are you trusting a complete stranger to put foreign objects inside your body? Do you know what he's putting in there? Do you have any idea of the long-term dangers?

If the poisonous implants don't kill you first, what will your falsified breasts and butt look like at age 50, 60, or 70? What will you look like with fading tattoos on sagging skin?

Uncontrolled vanity is your enemy!

Separate yourself from worldly fads and popular sins. Set yourself apart. Be holy. Be the attractive, charming, virtuous, spectacular being you are created to be.

REPENT. And turn away from wickedness while you still can.

Soon the garrisons of safety will close their gates. Like Noah's ark, YAH will seal the doors. And you will be doomed--- by choice.

Come back to YAH, beloved. 

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