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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Enemy At the Gate

In this walk, there is always an enemy at the gate; an enemy at the door; or maybe it's even the enemy within. Whatever the scenario, the enemy of your soul is always lurking.

Enemies are constant. There will always be an opposing element to your righteous journey. In fact, even the wicked have to face enemies.

Why do the wicked have enemies when they themselves are enemies of the righteous? Enemies of darkness oppose anyone with a soul.

As long as the wicked are alive, there is a possibility of them repenting and turning from their wickedness. If darkness can keep them distracted by a demonic hindrance, perhaps they will blame the MOST HIGH and never repent.

This enemy is unseen. It is cunning and manipulative. Which makes it stronger and more apt than the average individual.

An unseen enemy is only defeated by an unseen opponent. That unseen opponent in Judah's case is EL ELYON YAHUAH EL SHADDAI. He fights for Yisrael...and wins.

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