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Friday, December 27, 2019

Kanye West and the Grand Deception

Kanye West and the grand deception. Let's look at the word 'deception'. What does it mean?

According to Webster's dictionary, the word deception means 'the act of deceiving someone'. One-word definitions are duplicity, fraud, cheating, lying, duping, hoodwinking, and trickery.

Why is the deception theory attached to Mr. West's recent born-again claims? Perhaps it's because he belongs to an industry that glamorizes everything that is antichrist.

Not only that, he was photographed with a crown of thorns about his head and dubbed himself Yeezus Christ for an album cover promotion.

Though you understand the Jesus Christ concept and what it is designed to do, it's the general message that this association with Divine things sends.

If Kanye believed in his Jesus and reverenced heavenly things, he would not depict himself as the Savior, down to simplifying the name as something to be toyed with.

Yes. His choir makes beautiful music. And sings wonderful songs of praise. But WHO are they actually praising? Think, people.

Remember. Lucifer made beautiful music. Since being banned from the Divine and sentenced to earth, he controls the music industry. He is called the Prince of the Air, Lord of the flies. He controls the airwaves.

Anyone with half a brain can understand this truth just by observing the entertainers who are enslaved to the industry.

They are tattooed all over their bodies, the women dress and present themselves as porn stars, both men and women in the industry abandon their morality in exchange for fame and notoriety.

The deception game is real. Even if you don't play the game, you need to know who the players are, as well as the rules. You absolutely MUST learn to recognize deception and lies.

Otherwise, you become a statistic in the worst way.

Below, is an 11-minute video by Hassan Campbell. In it, he gives his take on Kanye's latest gimmick. Pay attention.

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