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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Question of the Week

Though this is merely the Question of the Week here on this site, it is a question to ask yourself every day.

Each day your enemies (Spiritual Wickedness in High Places, Rulers of Darkness, Principalities, and Powers of the Underworld) surround YAH's people, looking for an entrance into their lives.

They want to bring so much chaos, darkness, sin, and confusion ---that your thoughts, your words, and your behavior summon death and destruction.

YAH grants you life, peace, and safety. Make Him your CHOICE

Don't be ignorant, beloved. The enemies' devices are many. They are crafty. They are hypnotizing. They are bewitching. Your enemies are persistent. Working night and day to kill, steal and destroy all that is yours.--- mainly your soul.

REPENT every day. So that nothing separates you from YAH's love, and leaves you uncovered from your enemies' assault.

Until next time, YAH willing...Shalom.

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