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Friday, December 20, 2019


Someone is ALWAYS WATCHING. It's true.

You may never know the neighbor who watches for and sees your every move. Because he or she knows you proclaim a God-connected life. They want to know what that is all about.

So, maybe they are watching you to see if there is a set-apart difference. Or if you are in the same category as the hypocrites at their church. The person or persons watching you could be seeking the right path.

You may never know that your family member watches you that they might find you in error. They know and understand the truth. You have spent much time explaining it to them. And your life also demonstrates it... so far.

The moment your accuser (the devil) catches you being lukewarm, sin enters in. And the moment you sin is the moment your family member says, "Aha!"

Yes. Your family member watches you closely so that your sin can justify their rebellion against YAHUAH's laws, statutes, and commandments.

You may never know the teenager who watches you is alive because of you. They no longer contemplate suicide. They see how you overcome being ridiculed and vilified because one of your parents has been imprisoned for two decades.

Yes. The teenager also has a parent who is incarcerated. Your life's testimony is their strength. They no longer feel isolated in their plight. More importantly, by WATCHING you, they know they can survive it with dignity.

ALWAYS lift YAHUSHA up. And He will ALWAYS draw those who watch your life unto Himself.--Your life becomes a reflection of His glory when HE is glorified because of your faithfulness.

You will never know all the lives that are touched by your set-apart lifestyle. But YAH knows. He will honor you for honoring Him.

Even when honoring Him provokes unpleasant reactions in evildoers, remain steadfast. Be prayerful. Be REPENTANT. Be Consistent. Be diligent. Be holy. Cling to YAHUAH EL SHADDAI.

When YAH if for you, who can be against you...and win?

The unseen power upholding you is what intrigues your observers. ALWAYS be true to Him. And He will ALWAYS be true to you. 


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