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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Coronavirus: Plague, Pestilence, and Death

One thing we can all agree on. Something serious is happening. Another plague is walking the earth. The judgment of the Great I AM is evident. And the stiff-necked and hard-hearted position of the people is just as prevalent.

Coronavirus is quickly covering the terrain.

To compound the confusion, media outlets will not report the truth concerning the plagues and the pestilence across the land. Instead, they report lies while wickedness in high places arranges and dispatch distractions that redirect the public attention away from the truth.

Petty arguments and mass shootings are just two of the many shadowy news stories that plaster TV screens all over the nation. Smartphone news alerts go off signaling the latest rift between co-stars on trashy reality-show buffoonery. –so much so that the appetite of the general public is for trash and buffoonery.

The public craves what it has been continuously force-fed for decades by Hollywood and its media cohorts.  The public doesn’t care about morals or compassion. Their eyes scour the Internet in search of the most disgusting images, and their ears want to be tickled by lies, gossip, and innuendo. Wicked media and corrupt governments give them exactly what they want.

While the masses are preoccupied with this foolishness, real threats like the coronavirus are claiming the lives of the unsuspecting.

Plagues and pestilence are air-borne viruses. They cannot be contained. No matter what false reports the media delivers. No so-called medical or scientific expert can appear and save the day. Unfortunately, the only thing that can be done regarding the coronavirus is to count the bodies that lie in its wake.

So, where does that leave the people? Good question.

When dealing with plagues and pestilence, it’s wise to consult with scripture. Whatever your stance on the bible or God, there’s no denying the unexplainable power connected with both. History repeats itself. There is nothing new under the sun.

It is written of the plagues that afflicted Egypt while the Israelites were held in captivity and oppressed under Pharaoh’s wicked rule. Each plague brought upset and inconvenience to the Egyptians, while the Israelites were protected. They were protected because they believed the word of Elohim coming through Moses and prepared for what was coming.

Israelites must prepare for the worst. We are promised protection from plagues, pestilences, and other harmful events in Psalm 91. We are not worried about being struck by them.

However, if this president declares a national emergency where citizens are on indefinite lockdown, will you have enough food and water to sustain you and your family?

There will be no running down to the corner store or the nearest ATM. During a lockdown, you will be forbidden to even pop in next door to ask your neighbor for help. You will be locked inside your house until further notice. Everyone who violates the lockdown orders and goes outside for any reason will be swept up and taken to quarantine. If you don’t have the virus, you will contract it once in quarantine.

So, ask yourself. Are you prepared to survive a national emergency lockdown? Or do you think manna will rain down from heaven? Even if it does, you will be forbidden going outside to collect it. But I digress.

There is no excuse for Israelites to fall victim to this plague.

When you are a believer who worships YAHUAH in spirit and in truth, the Ruach Ha Qodesh (Holy Spirit) will lead, guide or tell you what to do to prepare and survive the evil time. Your deliverance is what demonstrates to you and the world that the true and living Elohim is present with Israel.

Repent. And turn from wickedness while you still can.

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