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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Prince Harry and Meghan, Houston Weather, and Kim Kardashian

What do Prince Harry and Meghan, Houston weather, and Kim Kardashian have in common? Why are they mentioned in the same post title?

These three subjects of public interest are also indicative of the Escalation phase of PHASE 2020. We are beginning to witness an escalation in severe and increasingly dangerous weather patterns. An escalation in the push-back against oppressive rule, in Prince Harry's case. And the entertainment industry's spiraling out of control, of which Kim Kardashian represents.

More and more you will witness the separation of wheat from tares. You will see the innocent and the oppressed get blamed and ostracized for the unjust actions of the wicked.

Mainstream news outlets will begin to wage more intense wars against YouTube news channels in an effort to restore public ratings, as well as regain control of the narrative.

In order for YouTube media to survive, they absolutely MUST have the Divine Creator as an ally. I don't mean using the action pushed in the popular Cliché that says "all I have to do is speak it into existence". No. PHASE 2020 goes much deeper than that.

During PHASE 2020, you MUST KNOW the MOST HIGH on a personal, non-hypocritical level. I'm talking righteousness, obeying the commandments, prayer, and fasting. The whole nine.

If you want to survive this year's tribulations, you have to come correct. What worked for you last year is exhausted and rendered of no effect. This year requires newness of life. 

Money, position, title, whatever ---means nothing to the Divine. It's the Divine Creator Who gave you permission to be in the position, to have the title, and the money. So, no. It means nothing.

This year you are required to choose between life and death. The sensible choice to make is obvious without mention. Nevertheless, many have already embraced and will not turn from their path of death.

Unless there is REPENTANCE, turning away from wickedness and embracing righteousness, sadly many YouTube media channels will be no more.

Until next time,
Peace be unto you


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