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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Bewitched, Belittled, and Betrayed

After all you have been through, and all you are currently going through, the last thing you want to hear as a black man and woman, is that you are under a spell. You are bewitched, belittled, and betrayed.

Yes, beloved. You are under a spell and have been for quite some time. However, ritualistic practices have intensified with time. And your bewitched condition is more pronounced. The black woman's embrace of Me Too and the whole feminist agenda, in turning away from the black man, is evidence of the sorcery's strength. And so is the black man's infatuation with other strange women and delusional hatred of the black woman.

By now you are wondering "How can this be?"

Remember the last music awards show you watched where various artists and groups performed. Now, recall how fire and smoke and mystical symbolism covered the stage as half-naked dancers moved hypnotically across the stage in a sexually suggestive manner. Thereby, hypnotizing the viewer without their knowledge.

What you witnessed and unwittingly became a part of is a satanic ritual. A spell is cast on a mass audience for the purpose of deceiving and leading you to destruction.

Your strange behavior is the result of witchcraft controlling you through music and television. Your eyes and ears and lack of knowledge are the gateways used for this spell when targeting large groups of people.

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