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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Coronavirus Update: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare for the Worse!

As the stock market plunges and millions of investors rub their foreheads in perplexed disappointment, the unseen culprit called the coronavirus continues its reign of terror across the globe. 

I won't waste time telling you that this deadly outbreak is Divine judgment from the Most High. You can bear witness that for over a year my appeal to you has been a call to repentance.  We have emphasized the importance of turning away from wickedness while you still can. So, here we are living in the moment.

We are alive during a critical time. The Chinese have perished by the millions, despite what news reports say. They are literally witnessing the dead being burned in mobilized incinerators. Bodies being tossed into the huge contraption as it moves slowly and decisively on its course.

Someone asked me via email how far do I think the virus will spread. Israelites are scattered throughout the four corners of the earth. Therefore, wherever you find Ahaya's (God's) people you will find this plague as a weapon against those who continue to oppress, murder, and make war with the chosen people. The coronavirus is on every continent except Antarctica. 

What does this mean for you? 

This critical update on the coronavirus will be published in its entirety on Patreon. I pray the mercy of the Most High upon His people, Israel as this plague manifests His judgment upon the wicked of the earth.

Peace be with you,

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