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About Me

I am a  sinner saved by YAH's grace and mercy. A servant of the Most High, hoping to be found worthy to escape the terrible judgment that is plaguing the world. 

I am not religious. Nor am I a Christian.

I am of the house of Israel, the tribe of Judah, currently living in captivity in the land of our oppressors. Nevertheless, since redemption, I am no longer under this world's system, but the laws, statutes, and commandments of the Divine Kingdom of my Abba. He daily loads me with benefits.

A descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, I am a daughter of Zion. A warrior in matters of prayer, holiness, and righteousness. I seek peace always. I pursue it with passion.

Every other important thing to know about me is reflected in my writing, in my voice, upon my countenance, in my eyes, and in my testimony where you find it. 

I share from Life experience -the best teacher. My life is simple, yet simply complex. An oxymoron for sure. Yet, everything I've learned that benefits me, I share. Both the good and the bad. It's all relevant. 

My most intriguing reality is wrapped in my discovering who I am. Who my Creator is. And thus finding answers to questions regarding the suffering of a people whose plight is like no other. 

Because I sought diligently for the Divine, He allowed Himself to be found. I confessed my sins and those of my fathers (whatever they were. YAH knows.) I am forgiven. Washed of iniquity. Daily confession and repentance keep me in His favor.

I'm healed from physical, emotional and spiritual sickness and disease. I'm delivered from self-made fetters and prisons. I have no regrets. I carry no grudges. I flee away from fools and wickedness, which some characterize as being anti-social. I call it "being free".

Short Reads was born out of my desire to share testimonies and Divine revelations with those who care to know. Those who are seeking for evidence of the Most High's glory in the earth.

My inspired writings are in short form to accomodate those who like to read impactful information in compact form. I tried it. It worked. Thus, Short Reads was born.

This effort is ordained, sustained and protected by the Most High. Therefore, I pray that YAH will bless your encounter here.

If you are worthy of peace, I leave you my Shalom.

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