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Consider Yourself Warned” is based upon and around perceived messages and instructions from the Most High. They are passionate pleas. Or they can be sharp rebukes and/or warnings of things to come.

Access the show page here. Once on the show page, you can listen to the episodes on-demand and download them if you choose.

Strength for the journey is what you need when you grow weary along the way. When friends betray you, and joy escapes you. During those times when you can't seem to take another step forward, you know it's okay to "Be still" and "wait" on YAHUAH. 

Access the show page here.

Paganism represents evil rituals and traditions. And through paganism, witchcraft dominates religion. The fact that witchcraft is more prevalent during these months could explain much of the dark moods such as depression and anxiety. 

Access the show page here.

UPDATED 02/11/2020 - The latest podcast is entitled: "Black History Month: Is February Significant?". This episode is found in the CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED show.

Podcasts are broadcasted (posted) each Monday by 8PM. 


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