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Updated on Saturday, 01-04-2020: 


Welp! Here we go!

I'm launching the 2020 Phase of YAH's grace on PATREON. This new phase contains Divine revelation, inspiration, and insight that is reserved for Members only.

These pearls will not be given to the swine.

The 2020 Phase, OIL FOR YOUR LAMP, contains practical wisdom as well as spiritual edification. There will be exclusive know-how to help with your physical, spiritual, and emotional healing.

You will have access to practical resources that will aid in every facet of your life in the 2020 Phase of OIL FOR YOUR LAMP.

There are three membership tiers for you to choose from. And the content and perks are amazingly tailored just for you!

The site is set to launch by Saturday, January 11th. 

So make preparations for the next phase of this journey, beloved! The 2020 Phase, OIL FOR YOUR LAMP campaign. Mark your calendars. Get ready!

Until next time, peace be unto you.
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