> Yahbilah Hannah Yah: Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare

Do you think these are times of widespread peace? NO! This is the season of OPEN Spiritual Warfare. 

In times past, society enjoyed a season of quiet evil. We didn't hear as much of it. The rich and greedy leaders and officials did evil against the poor and needy under the cover of darkness. 

When they trusted in their stolen riches and refused to REPENT, judgment began pursuing and overtaking the wicked.

Judgment begins FIRST with the house of YAH (house of Israel, the Israelites, the tribe of Judah). We are NOT exempt. ALL iniquity and abominations are being dealt with.

Consider all the funerals you've attended lately. Both young and old being overtaken by mostly untimely violent deaths.

What about the children, the babies being murdered by mothers, fathers, and random others? Witches and warlocks sacrificing babies to the fires of darkness. And practicing sorcery against YAH's chosen ones.

Think of the mass shootings on school grounds. What about the open murders of unarmed Israelites on the street and even in their own homes? The spilling of innocent blood soaks the grounds of this land of our captivity.

This is Spiritual Warfare. YAHUSHA HA MASHIACH will win. Wickedness is identified for destruction. Whose side are you on?

An upcoming podcast will discuss more on Spiritual Warfare.